One Skirt, Two Looks: Tribal Skirt Remix

There has been so many dresses and skirts I've seen lately with the tribal print trend.  I love them all!!!  This particular skirt I picked up from Forever21 and just had to have it.  Even though this skirt is a medium, I tried it on and loved the way it looked.  I wore this skirt twice so far and paired it both times with a popping yellow color.

The Yellow bandeau top is actually a scarf that I tied around my strapless bra.  Check out YouTube for many DIY videos and try it yourself!! This top is a show stopper and will instantly make you feel sexy and like a diva doll.  Next I wore a silk hello tank with bright colored gems on a waist belt.  Stay tuned for future posts as I definitely will be wearing this skirt again!


What I Wore
Scarf- Target
Silk Tank- Forever21
Skirt- Forever21
Belt- BeBe
Shoes- Sam Elderman

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