She’s Pretty For A Big Girl? Flaws Of Couture

SWERVE! Naw Boo, She's pretty period!  In society big women are not traditionally looked at as being beautiful especially in America.  When an attractive full figure woman is seen people usually say she has a pretty face or she's pretty for a big girl.  This statement sweatshirt from Flaws of Couture's Pretty Period Collection is challenging society and the views of the ignorant when it comes to size and skin color.  "Pretty For A Big Girl?" is a not a statement but a question; one that should make a provincial mind wonder and think about how a statement like such can make a person feel.  This top is a must have for anyone that wants to make a statement and support that big women can be attractive as any other size.   FOC also will be releasing a "Pretty For A Dark Skin Girl?" sweatshirt soon so be on the lookout.

 What I Wore
top- Flaws of Couture (here)
leggings- Forever 21
boots- Ugg
purse- Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
lipcolor- MAC Nightmoth liner w/Limecrime D'lilac & MAC Media

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