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Get It Right, Get It Tight: Snacks To The Rescue

80% of weightloss success is from the food you eat... 20% from working out.  

That is the fact that shocked me to the core.  For years I've been focused on going to the gym, or jumping around my living room to work out with videos,  and even invested in personal trainers to lose weight.  During this time I had no clue that eating once or twice a day, skipping breakfast, or not getting enough water was doing more damage to my weightloss goals than the exercising did to help.

By visiting a nutritionist and also by doing research online I've learned it is imperative to increase your metabolism by eating more food. Crazy I know!  Eating more helps you lose weight..who would of thought it??  Getting healthy is a big part of my vision for 2014 so I've decided to share a few tips here and there with you Dolls because we need to be fabulous and fit!  This series: Get It Right, Get It Tight will be 5 segments of videos and posts talking about what I'm doing to get fit.

By eating small meals every couple of hours during my day I am able to speed up my metabolism and stay fueled throughout my day.    It's a good idea to preplan your meals so you can grab pack your food on the go.  By pre-packing food, its less likely you will make poor food choices during the day.  Try ziplock bags or visit your local dollar store for inexpensive tupperware. To help me remember to eat I've set alarms on my iPhone.  I do not starve myself and I find it less likely to pig out on a meal because I am no longer famished by end of the day.

My favorite snacks of the moment:
1. Apples and Peanut Butter
2. White chicken salad and crackers
3. Avocado, turkey slices, and cheese roll ups
4. Fage cherry greek yogurt
5. GNC Lean Shake Chocolate


*all photos are from Pintrest
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2 Responses
  • Fredetta
    January 21, 2014

    great post and snack ideas!

  • says.Alisha
    January 21, 2014

    Girl Thanks for the tips..I want to start a workout and eating right plan myself!!