Pretty Girl Playground

One of the prettiest places to party in Charlotte, NC is the beautiful club Caviar.  This past weekend was the 2 year anniversary of the establishment and the club was packed with good vibes, a gorgeous dessert bar and of course beautiful people.  I spent the night in great company and great style.  I was walking on the wide side with my dark black lip and feline animal fierceness in a Nicki Minaj inspired dress I scored at Gojane.  A simple black shoe and a pop of color blue clutch brought my total look together.  Check out the club's Instagram page here (borrowed some pics shown below).  If you're ever in Charlotte be sure to party at Caviar where all the pretty girls party because after all why have catfish when you can have caviar?

Robbie (club owner) & Itsrichgirlz

What I Wore
dress- GoJane (L)
shoes- GoJane
clutch- Forever21
lipstick- MAC HauteCore
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