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Pretty As F*&K!

Anyone that knows me can testify to the fact that I love to push the envelope with bright neon colors or expletives on my clothes.  It just so happens to be that my most recent look incorporated both! LOL, I am a sucker for DIY projects and I am constantly making new items to wear.  My top was shredded by Stedman as seen before here.  Grace Jones is one of my fashion icons and I used transfer paper to iron her on my shirt.  Want to learn more on how to make your own graphic tees?  Just comment below, and I'll make a youtube.  Check out my über girly case from Glam Goddess Accessories it's blinged out with all favorite things, be sure to check out her store.


source: google
 What I Wore
top- Target (DIY shredding & print)
shorts- DIY
shoes- Urbanog
glasses- mall kiosk
watch- Michael Kors
lipcolor- Limecrime Airborne Unicorn



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