DIY: Deep Side T-shirt

"Trendy is the last stage before tacky"- Karl Lagerfeld

Obsessed with a trend and want to make it your own? Me too!  But instead of me buying a top I've seen everyone in, I decided to create my own.  The deep side t-shirt is extremely sexy and simple.  Celebrities like Beyonce and fashionistas have been sporting this cute number all summer long.  By cutting the sleeves off of my t-shirt and cutting down the side of the shirt I made the perfect top.  (Be sure to stretch the shirt after cutting to create the 'rolled' edges of where you cut.  If you forget this step the cut edges will look cut/jagged.)  The entire DIY took about ten minutes to do and was extremely easy.  I actually cut one side too deep but the mistake was unnoticeable.  Now that you have your top...what to wear with it?  Try a modest tube or tank top, or be risky and wear nothing!  The ladies with the perky girls can pull that off,  I on the other hand cannot.  Three little words: cage crop top.  This magically crop top transformed my look from just trendy to fabulous with a touch of fierce.  When taking on a trend its important to make it your own and create a look that expresses yourself.   To style my look, there was a play with primary hues by wearing a red lip and blue waist tie to finish my sexy outfit of the day!

What I Wore
top- Etsy (cut the sleeves off)
bra- Go Jane
shirt- Old Navy
jeans- Luxe Vain Boutique
sneakers- Foot Locker
necklace- Urbanog
lipstick- MAC Riri Woo & Burgundy liner

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