She’s Such A Doll: Meet Shamoneke

What does “Unbothered Belly And All" mean to you?

  Accepting your imperfect belly. Not every woman has a flat stomach but it doesn't mean that you are subject to dress super boring because you are afraid of showing too much of your belly. There are tons of girdles out there ladies embrace your belly and OWN IT !!

  There’s a fine line between confidence and uncomplimentary or sloppy, how do you walk the line between the two?

I would have to say as a plus size woman learning what styles and cuts of clothing compliments my body type is a huge factor of me feeling confident in my clothing.  If I have to constantly tug and adjust something I'm wearing to hide unwanted areas then I shouldn't be wearing it . I WEAR THE CLOTHES. THE CLOTHES DONT WEAR ME !

 What makes or gives you confidence?

I think because I truly love and accept myself for who I am that makes me confident. I love My Round Belly , My High Cheek Bones  , and My Wide Nose. They are apart of me and they make me who I am.  My confidence comes from within not from materialistic things such as clothes and makeup because once there are remove I'm still confident with the natural me .

  What are 3 things that every Divadoll should have in her closet?
Three things a Divadoll should have in their closet would have to be:

1. Leather  Bomber Jacket

2. A Favorite Pair Of Jeans

(skinny leg or boot cut) depending of your body type .

3. A Classic Nude Pump 

All of these items can be dressed up or down and are easy to add a statement item to complete the perfect outfit . 

                                             What or who inspires your style?

My personal style is Bold, Audacious , and Daring I love to break boundaries and wear the unexpected. I would have to say that my personal style is inspired by Lady Gaga ... I absolutely love that's she does whatever she wants . She's my kind of woman !!!!!

       Do you have any fashion tips for the other Divadoll readers with obtaining an              ‘unbothered’ look?

Crop tops are the rage right now and I love me a good crop top. I love to pair a crop top with an oversized shirt, blazer, or jacket and high waist bottoms .  Pairing these items together allows you to expose a bit of skin without baring too much belly.

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