Food Truck Friday Charlotte

Just a quick post to mention the fabulous time I had over the weekend.  The day consisted of movie watching and great food eating.  Each Friday in Charlotte a group of over 15 trucks gather to share their creative and tasty menus.  Everything has a unique spin on a classic dish and everything looked and smelled amazing!  The toughest decision was trying to decide which truck to try and I settled for the Papi Queso Truck.  I grabbed the most popular item which was the gourmet "Pig Mac"- gooey and cheesy macaroni and cheese, pulled shredded pork sandwich with herbs and applewood bacon- yumm!  Drinking beer and eating cheese sandwiches all while people stared at my super bright shoes was how my night went; no complaints over here.  Cant' wait to take my daughter and try another truck.


What I Wore
tank- Target
jacket- H&M
leggings- Luxe Vain Boutique
shoes- Melody Ehsani
bag- Modern Creation München
lipstick- MAC Rude boy w/ MAC Pro Fashion Boost liner

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