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Plus Size Girl’s Guide To Fitness

It is a new year which for many means a fresh new start to healthy habits and nutritious meals.  Fitness resolutions are made by thousands to shed the extra holiday weight  or to start a new workout regimen into their lives.  Motivation is key when staying focused to lose weight and the following items keep me excited to work out.  My favorites include my Polar watch so I can see my calories burned from free lance workouts.  My Fitbit tracks my sleep performance and my juicer was inexpensive but gets the job done so I can get the benefits of vegetables and fruits without eating them. This is a Plus Size girl's guide to stay motivated to reach her fitness goal and look good while doing it!


polar fitness watch | jumprope | water that holds fruit bottle | pedometer and sleep tracker 

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  • Ashley Walton
    January 15, 2015

    awesome! i definitely have to see if polar watch provides additional HRM bands, i cannot find mine at all!!!!!!! =(