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Crystal Chanel x Luxe Vain Boutique Launch

Finally, I am able to spill the beans about the Unbothered Belly And All collaboration with Luxe Vain Boutique.  There are limited edition t-shirts and tank tops with the hashtag I created last year on Instagram.  The tag became a badge of self love and body acceptance for many Dolls like myself.  It all started from the fat shamming I received on social media after posting a picture of myself in a dress.  Even with my shaper on, my stomach was apparent and some people thought I was "wrong" for wearing a body conscious dress with the body I had.  My attitude was and has always been, "I dress for myself and I love it."  I continued to wear what I want and how I want and I spoke up against cyber bullies.  Like an ocean wave, the momentum for #UnbotheredBellyAndAll continued to grow.  Today, I am proud to share my t-shirt and tank tops with anyone who makes it a purpose to love themselves.



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