How To Lowlight Blonde 613 Weave Extensions

PicMonkey Collagess

Blonde hair is such a fun way to change up your look and easier now than ever before with the vast selection of hair extensions.  When I decided to go blonde I decided to try a new approach instead of breaking the bank with expensive bleaching products and hair color.

Not to mention the damage I did to my costly weave to lift the original brown-black hair color to blonde.  After hours of bleaching the dark bundle hair, it would typically come out brassy orange toned and not actually blonde.  So this time around I decided to begin with barbie blonde hair that I bought from Luxe Crown Hair.

hair 4
The color of my extensions was not realistic at all so I decided to add warm color and dimension to the hair with lowlights.  I hope you Dolls find this video helpful!  Check out my video below on coloring 613 blonde weave.


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