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Insanity 60- Day Total Body Conditioning Program + Food Plan Week 1

When's a better time to start working on your fitness than during the holidays?  Typically, people use this time of year to pig out and over indulge on foods and sweets.  I plan to bring in the new year toning and sculpting my body with matching healthier eating habits.  I choose INSANITY® 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program  to reach my goals.  My sister Caress has successfully done this program and with consistency and determination she has lost 68lbs and looks amazing!

I will be recording weekly updates and VLOGs on my youtube channel (subscribe here).  Also I will be blogging my meals and sharing my progress on social media with hashtag #BetterMe30.  So let's get started with a food plan and workout schedule.

 Week 1
Monday: Fit Test
Tuesday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday: Cardio Power & Resistance
Thursday: Cardio Recovery
Friday: Pure Cardio
Saturday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Sunday: REST! I'm so looking forward to this day already lol
To get everything you need to be successful for the #BetterMe30 journey is available at your local health store of you can shop it conveniently here.

Proteins 60-90 grams daily:

-fresh salmon
-canned tuna
-baked chicken wings
-sugar-free popsicles
-greek yogurt
Must Have drinks:
-ballerina tea (available here)
-almond milk
-homemade protein shakes (shakes I buy here )
-coconut water
-cucumber + lemon water 64oz. daily
1,200 calories daily, 60 grams of fat or less daily, no bread, pasta, refined sugar

FullSizeRender_1*tips: TAKE PLENTY OF PICTURES!  Pictures will show your progress as well as keep you motivated.  The mirror is not always your friend so pictures will help, also try not to weigh yourself more than once per week.  Your weight fluctuates many times during the day and week so its ideal to check your weight the same time of day weekly.  Lastly, TAKE MEASUREMENTS because again, the mirror and scale can sometimes not tell the whole picture during your weightless journey.

Below are all of my social media handles where my journey for the next 60 days will be shared:

Snapchat | Instagram | Fitness Pal: CrissyTheDoll


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