Fashion Nova Try On Haul

Check out my latest haul from Fashion Nova and use code: crystalchanel to save $$$ off any items

***Items + Size I'm wearing***
Catch The Train Duster - Grey (size XL) :
Unwind Sweater - Mauve (size L) :
Soft Caramel Sweater - Toffee (size L):
Fallen For You Dress - Coco (size M) :
Army Fresh Hoodie - Olive (size L):
Lost Queen Jeans- Woodrose (size XL) :
Unzip Me Bandage Dress - Black (size L) :
Kamez Bandage Dress - Red (size L):

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  • Dre
    January 31, 2017

    Everything is so cute! But I love the Unwind Sweater and that Soft Caramel Sweater the most. I need those!