The Best Colored Contacts For Dark Brown Eyes Solotica Colored Contacts

My natural dark brown eye color- thx mom, thx dad:)

Hi, my name is Crystal and I love colored contacts.  There is something about changing up my overall vibe with a simple change of  lenses that has me hooked to Solotica color contacts.  I love the opacity of the lenses to actually be able to cover my dark brown eyes.  Add the fact these lenses are affordable as well as comfortable and you've got yourself a win. Take a look down below of my video showing my colored contacts collection. (Also my eyelash kept moving my contact + I have huge these may look better on you!) Either way, I love them and you will too!


Shop the colors below + use my code : CRYSTALCHANEL to save some coins


Solotica Hidrolor  Mel (greenish hue)

Solotica Hidrocor Mel
shop :

Solotica Hidrolor Ocre (hazel hue)

Solotica Hidrocor Orce


Solotica Hidrolor Quartzo (blue hue)

Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo


Solotica Hidrocolor Graphite (blue/gray hue)


Solotica Hidrocor Graphite


Solotica Natural Color Crystal (gray hue)

Solotica Natural Colors Crystal





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