One thing I know is the constant struggle with food and the effects of overeating.  Wether I'm celebrating a joyous occasion or upset and bothered by troubling news, food has always been my comfort.  Crash diets, medical injections, or fly by night products have always been my go to for a quick fix.  Needless to say I was unsuccessful with substantial weightloss until October 8, 2014 when I underwent Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.  Vertical sleeve was the tool I used to loose weight.  It forced me to adapt a healthier lifestyle which includes smarter food choices, natural plant based supplements and more physical activity.

Now two years post surgery, I have kept the weight off and became an inspiration for others to start their journey.   If you have health concerns, feel uncomfortable in clothing, or just would like to increase your energy level and overall health, now is the time to make a change.  Imagine yourself off of medication, or fitting into that little black dress with a boost in your confidence level.  Decide to create a feasible plan and stick to it.  As a resource that has "been there, done that" , I am excited to share my knowledge.  So tell me, what are your wellness and fitness goals?

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Are you ready to make a change?

Unsure where to start?  What do you eat? What workouts should you do?  I'd love to be your fitness BFF and keep you accountable along with over 20 other women in the #DivaCodeFitness group.  Check out some of my favorite health regimens below and contact me to get started on your results today.

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