•  Meal Planner :  You know what they say...fail to plan and you are planning to fail.  Don't fail...use this meal planner to stay on track with clean eating.
  • Body Progress Tracker: You go girl! Keep track of your changes week by week with this easy to use tracker.  Its so motivating to see your hard work with each check in.
  • Exercise Log:  Write it out and get 'er done!  Great to print, fill in before or during your workout.  Again, planning is key here people.
  • Clean Eating Food List:  You didn't think I was going to leave you hanging without what to chow down on did you?  Cute face small waist ready with this clean food list.

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Thats it Dolls!  I hope your enjoyed this quick list and it helps you on your wellness journey.  If you are interested in joining my weight loss group or trying any of the all natural products that you see me use, get details over at my DivaCode Fitness page.  As always, stay Fabulous & Fierce:)