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5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight

  •  You don't know what to eat:  So many people want to lose weight by eating well balanced meals but are unsure of what that looks like.  Most people eat on a whim and are unsure of what they are going to eat for the day when they wake up; making convenience food, which we know is easily obtainable and cheap to buy, the food of choice.  Girl drop that $4 cheeseburger meal and meal prep!  Plan your meals to begin to lose weight.  Even if you're not planning each meal to the point of having tupperware containers filled with pre-cooked food, you should have an idea whats in the fridge at home and what you have to eat for the day.   Also, when you go grocery shopping, try mixing up your shopping cart with more fresh foods like fruit, green leafy veggies, and proteins that need to be cooked.  Shop along the outside of the aisles as the general rule of thumb.  You'll be surprised how different your basket will look.  Typically, when you wonder down the aisles you're wondering into processed food paradise.


  • You don't know what workouts to do: Should you do 30 minutes of walking, lift weights at the gym, or go with your girlfriend to that new fitness bootcamp with the sexy trainer?  All of these are awesome and great things you can try to drop the weight.  Whenever I hear the excuse of not knowing what to do, I say anything that increases your heart rate.  Chase your son around the house, jumprope in the kitchen, or mount your boo and ride the begeezez out of him!  Anything to break a sweat and get your workout on!  Personally, I borrow family and friend's exercise dvds and love to mix them in my weekly routine.  For those that can get to the gym, try adding different type of machines you haven't tried before and write down your times to try to beat them the following week.


  • You don't have time:  Have you ever heard that one before?  I have personally used it before and it seems to be everyone's favorite excuse.  We are all adults and are busy adulting and whatnot, but 25-30 minutes a day is not difficult to carve out in a day to ensure a good workout.  One of the tips I tell my #DivaCode fitness group is to start small.  Fitness should be apart of your lifestyle and not treated as an added task on your to-do list.  Think about your typical day and how you can add in more physical activity.  If you drive to work, park a little farther than you typically would to the entrance.  If you head to the break room for that midday coffee, take it with you on brisk walk around the building.  The point is to make doing more physical activity intentional during your day.  Even pencil it in on your schedule (like I do each morning) so working out is a part of your day.


  • You lack motivation and consistency:  Consistency is the secret in life to be successful, period.  With work, in a relationship, or in this case, for loosing weight, its the key to success.  I always ask my loyal customer's why they want to lose weight.  Its deeper than looking bomb and stunting on your ex.  Think about your 'why' and and right it down.  Post it someplace where you can see it daily.  Let it serve as your reminder when days get tough....because days will get tough.  Its easy to be excited when starting something new, but the real challenge happens once the days turn boring and mundane.  Instead of giving up and quitting, the tip I offer is to think about your why and it helps to surround yourself with people that get it.  People that want similar results as yourself or people that support your goals are detrimental in obtaining success.  If you need motivation search the hashtag #fitness on social media and find accounts that post daily so you can stay motivated.


  • You are not mentally ready:  This to me is the hard one.  At the end of the day we all know that the mind rules the body.  Dump the toxic job, relationship or friends that add to your stress and start taking care of your self.  Sometimes we allow our circumstances to rule our lives and drain us becoming mentally exhausted.  Figure out your overall negative contributing factor in your life and work through it.  A peaceful mind will clear the way for better habits overall.  Even with a clear mind to focus on you 'why' a change will not occur until you are mentally fed up with your situation and feel compelled to change it.  There isn't much that can be said here...you either are ready or you're not.  People spend millions of dollars looking for the secret to weight loss.  There is nothing out there that will make you choose the right foods to put in your mouth or that will make you do the work in exercising and getting fit if you don't decide you want to.

TDC_LogoIcon1Thats it Dolls!  I hope your enjoyed this quick list and it helps you on your wellness journey.  If you are interested in joining my weight loss group or trying any of the all natural products that you see me use, get details over at my DivaCode Fitness page.  As always, stay Fabulous & Fierce:)







**disclaimer** I am not a doctor, check with yours to make sure this is a good idea for you.