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How To: Brows 101

This post is designed to help demonstrate how easy it is to have "the perfect brow".  Many times I am stopped and questioned about what products or techniques I use to define my brows.  Your eyebrows are the frame of your face therefore being a key part of any makeup routine.  Below you will find four easy steps to achieving your perfect brow:
What You'll Need: angle brush, foundation brush, eyebrow brush, concealer, foundation

First, brush brows down in same direction.  Pluck any stray hairs if needed.

Darken eyebrows next with brush like strokes to create a natural shade and not a drawn on look.   Pencil or eyebrow powder can be used.  With eyebrow powder (or eyeshadow) you can wet brush before application to create a liquid powder effect.  Take time to notice the natural arch of your eyebrow because good brow shaping is essential.

Then, use an angle brush and outline the brows with concealer.  The shade of concealer can be the same as the shade of foundation or a shade lighter for a more made up look.


Last, a concealer or foundation brush can be used to blend foundation with concealer lines.

                                                     Finish look with eyeshadow and mascara.

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  • Miss Dre
    December 27, 2011

    Wow, your brows look great! I should try this method. Thanks for sharing 🙂