Magical MAC Bag

Close your eyes.  Imagine a black bag with three white letters.  Imagine the bag floating towards you.  Then reach your arm in to find your most desired items!  That is exactly what happened to me today.  My very best friend surprised me with new MAC brushes and makeup!  Seems like the bag was magical because each time she reached in it, she kept pulling something out!

"Pink Nouveau"
The truest lipstick in hot pink color with even coverage.  My old one melted in the car and didn't take shape when I tried to freeze it.

Eye brows crayon with twist top in the perfect reddish brown shade to compliment my winter hair color

"Make it Perfect brush essentials"
 The brushes are uber chic complete with glitter detail!   All packaged in a cute convenient carrying pouch.

   (left to right)
129 powder/blush brush- for application of powder products on face
190 foundation brush- for application/blending of powder on cheeks and face
226 fluff brush- for application/blending
266 small angle brush-for lining or shading
275 medium shading angle brush- for precision application and/or blending of powder eye shadow

Every make up maven needs to have a reliable set of brushes.  If MAC is not in the budget try Sonia Kashuk or Elf brushes both available at Target.  Brushes lay the foundation for a beautiful and well blended face.  After all...what is an artist without their brushes?

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