Tribal Hi-Lighter

One of the latest trends for this summer is the 'high & low' hem for dresses and shirts.  Being that I have a little junk in the trunk I appreciate the extra length in the back.  I found this shirt in particular to be very lightweight and comfortable.  The color is an awesome yellow and since the shirt was see thru I wore a white tank underneath.  I paired this cheery shirt with a pair of pants I swiped from my little sister 🙂  My pants are on the line of fabulous slash hideous (as I been told), but I pulled out the charm and combined these questionable pants with my secret weapon- my adorable panda bear necklace.  I turned many heads today and was dubbed fashionista by my friends for making these pants look good.  Do you have any items in your closet that's so hideous its fabulous?
What I Wore
top- Forever 21
pants- Torrid
shoes- Old Navy
purse- Louis Vuitton
watch- Michael Kors
accessories- Forever 21
lip color- MAC Madcap gloss
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