Get It Right, Get It Tight: Make It A Part Of The Day


For everyone noticing my weightloss its been from a combination of several things.  This post is to show what I am doing and how often I'm doing it to help you ladies jump start you fitness goals.  One of my fitness goals have been to work out at least three times a week.  As we all know goals are to be attainable and to be met.  Often at times, goals are not reached because of the lack of planning into our busy schedules.  Anything worth doing will be worked into your day.
First, start by choosing a time of day you would actually be up and moving.  For me is at 10-11pm or 7-8am.  I am not a morning person so I choose the evening workout time but these are the times my body is already up and going and I am not sleepy and therefore I am more likely to actually workout and give it my all.
Second, I do workouts that get my heart rate going.  Cardiovascular workouts are great to burn the calories you eat during the day and help condition your body for over all weight loss.  One of the machines I HATE is the same machine I get on first when I get to the gym because it makes me burn the most calories, the Arc Trainer -___-

Lastly, I do not limit my workouts to the gym...if I cannot make it out the house (usually when its cold, rainy, or anything else I can fathom an excuse for lack of a babysitter) I do my workouts to home DVDs or home exercises.  My favorite exercises at home includes jumping rope, doing squats, and working out to Hip Hop Abs because Sean T is so fine and fun.

So far these things have worked for me and I've been pretty slack on being consistent but I am not going to give up.  Any workouts you ladies love?  If so let me now so I can try them!




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  • Nicole Bristol
    March 20, 2014

    Congrats on your success thus far! We can really see the difference. Have you tried the "Black Girls Workout Too DVD"? I started about a month ago and I see results. Think I'm gonna try the Hip Hop abs and see how that works for me as well.