She’s Such A Doll: Meet Ketisa

What does “Unbothered Belly And All Means” to you?

Unbothered belly and all to me means being comfortable in your own skin. For instance some people are intimidated by curvy women who are confident enough to wear crop tops just because our stomachs aren't flat, but I say if you feel good in it then you should be unbothered by how other people feel about your body.

 There’s a fine line between confidence and uncomplimentary or sloppy, how do you walk the line between the two?

There is most definitely a fine line between the two. Some things you just can't wear together because it doesn't compliment your body the way it would someone else's. If I don't like what I'm wearing from all angles then it's not happening.. an outfit could look superb in the front but when you turn around it looks like your busting out. I walk the line between the two by knowing what fits and what works for me sometimes when your bottoms are tight you can't wear a tight top..and vice versa. Undergarments also play a big part in what your outer fit will look like.
What makes or gives you confidence?
To be totally honest with you I'm not sure what gives me confidence. I guess it's something within. I use to be shy, nothing like I am now but I started expressing myself through my fashion in high school. I got use to the strange looks throughout my life and I just stopped carrying, because my fashion makes me happy 🙂 that's all I care about.
What are 3 things that every Divadoll should have in her closet?

3 things every divadoll should have in their closet is a good pair of earrings and or accessories such as a necklace, bracelet and or ring .accessories are staple pieces for outfits, next is a good jean shirt, and lastly a pair of shoes that could go with most casual outfits.
 What or who inspires your style?

My personal style is inspired by the 80s and 90s mixed with current trends. I'm inspired by color, print, texture. I love to overly accessorize this is my aesthetic.
Describe your personal style

 My personal style is in your face, bold, outlandish at times. I enjoy not looking the same. My style reflects my mood.
 What trend are you looking forward to wearing this fall and winter?

I'm looking forward to wearing my vintage blazers, and bombers I have a few that I've collected over the summer that I can't wait to style.

What are your 3 favorite places to shop and find great pieces?

 I am a google fanatic. I like to search for things. I shop alot of vintage online. I like forever 21, target, and asos for regular things but a good vintage piece excites me more.
What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence means being yourself at all times. Excepting yourself as you are, and being able to express yourself the way you please without holding back.
Do you have any fashion tips for the other Divadoll readers with obtaining an ‘unbothered’ look?

One tip I have is to mix prints! Alot of people are scared to but would like to try. It's easy just do it. I normally like to mix something black and white with a colored print. I mix prints always I just love it lol.

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