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What Waist? Review of Luxe Curves Waist Cincher

Have you noticed all the coke bottle-shaped women walking around?  How about the countless disappearing waistlines of your favorite celebrities? Do you want to know what thats about?  Two words for you....waist training.  Waist Training has been around for centuries and can create long term results as well as instant results.  If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed my ity-bity waist { LOL, its really not that small at all}.  By wearing my Luxe Think Pink Cincher, gifted to me from the ladies over at Luxe Curves, I've been able to create the perfect hourglass look.  I've worn this cincher out to an event and during a day of running errands; each time for at least four hours.  The waist trainer is bearable and comfortable enough to wear while standing up or exercising.  Whenever I sat down or drove it was very uncomfortable and forced me to sit straight up.  I plan to give waist training a fair shot for results by exercising and maintaining a balanced diet.  One thing for sure is that I loved the look of what my body could be.  Only time can tell if I will achieve the permeant results.  Check out the pros and cons below of my Luxe Curves waist trainer.

 *Item was a gift and all opinions are my own.

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