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One of the many ways to change the way a room looks is by the art on the walls.  As I redo my bedroom, I noticed my walls have been quite bear and in need of some excitement.  If you are anything like me you will find solutions like do-it-yourself projects as the answers to your decorating needs.  I feel in love with the Chanel art I found on Pintrest.  Follow below to make your own art.

The Inspiration
source: Pintrest
 What You Need
24' x 30' Canvas $21
Elmer's Glue $2
Hot Pink Paint $10
Basic Black Paint $5
Paint Marker $5
Tracer Light (from sister)
1) Tear the newspaper in strips and glue on board.  I choose to glue my strips in a diagonal pattern.  Try to bypass the ads and comics:)
 2) For an artsy look I left some of the edges frayed, feel free to cute the ends for a more clean look.  This step took about 15 mins.
 3) To stick with the artsy look I used a thick brush and painted the lines over top of the newspaper.  Notice how the vertical lines are not opaque, this way it helps the overall look feel vintage.
4) To obtain the perfect Chanel logos I used the help from my crafty sister Caress; she definently knew I was unable to draw the logo by hand.  We printed out the inspiration pic and placed it under the tracer which then projected the image onto the canvas.  Then I traced the logo with the marker pen as seen below.

 5) One the logo was traced I filled in two coats of the high light paint.  Once the paint dried Then I added a little water to the paint and created the drips.  Now this part was a little tricky because I had to stand the canvas up so to create the "drop" effect.  When this was done some of the paint followed the paper and started to roll sideways.  Not to difficult to fix and i plan to cleanup the paint with black paint.
After two hours of crafting, eating and watching Mindcraft with my little one I finally finished my project.  I adore Chanel and look forward to getting this canvas hung on the wall.  There is a finally step I'm still undecided about.  I'm undecided if I should clip the newspaper from the edges and paint the edges black.  What do you think?
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  • Ms. CaramelHoneyB
    October 10, 2014

    Nice! Maybe you can Modge podge (sp ?) the entire thing and it will lasts a long time. It will give it a polished look.