Makeup Eraser Really Does Work Review Video

Oh-em-geeeeee!  Excuse my excitement but I really am ecstatic about a product I was sent for review.    If you're anything like me you love makeup and wear it almost daily.  Typically, I would struggle with soap and water to wipe off makeup, sometimes I would be fancy and use my oil-based makeup remover to help take off my daily "mask".  I may even buy a few packets of makeup wipes, costing upward $20 a pack to use then toss away.  But NO MORE!  The Original Makeup Eraser solved all of my problems. You just add warm water to the eraser and wipe away your makeup, easy right?  The makeup eraser is eco-friendly and chemical free so it promotes healthy skin. The best thing about the makeup eraser is when it needs to be cleaned, it can just be tossed in the wash with other soiled washcloths. It can be used over 1000 times before replacing it, so the makeup eraser saves money.  Are you excited yet and ready to get your hands on one?  Check out the video below of me erasing my face.

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