Simple Dress And Shades

Summer is here full force and what better way to enjoy it than by getting out of the house.  Over the weekend I had a chance to enjoy the grand opening event of a local beauty studio Elle C Luxury in Charlotte.  What to wear has been the dreaded question since most of my clothes I gave away or sold in my closet store Shop Crystal.  With my weight fluctuating and my clothing size changing so much I have become quite fond of simple attire.  Maxi dresses, leggings and tank dresses are my current favorites in my wardrobe.  This wine racerback bodycon dress is very chic plus the material is very forgiving.  Paired with my gladiator sandals and minimum jewelry, I had a sense of effortless style.    Sometimes all you need is a simple dress and a pair of shades to let your attitude shine through.


What I Wore
dress- Forever 21
shoes- Urbanog
glasses/chain- my boo
hair- Luxe Crown Hair Peruvian Curly
lipstick- MAC Myth & MAC Cork liner



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