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New Year, New Content! How I’m stepping my YouTube game up in 2020

We are already finished with the first week into 2020 and it feels amazing! There is a beauty in the start of a fresh new year and what better why to take advantage of the start of this new decade than updating the content that I add on my youtube.

Recently, I have crossed a huge milestone of over 100,000 subscriber on my channel. For this I will be forever grateful! This also makes me want to go harder for all my viewers and supporters. I have a few things in the works as far as creating tools and videos for helping other people start their own YouTube channels.

I also want to get more personal with my audience and engage with my Divadolls and Divadons in a way I have never before. 2020 is personal...its a year of growth, execution, intention, and ultimately happiness. In the upcoming videos I will continue to be your resource for all things fashion and beauty with my normal montage of videos like my shopping clothing hauls, beauty makeup tutorials, and hair how-to videos, and Tea Talk Tuesday. In addition to these videos I introduce the new new. The following will start this January on my channel:

Crissy Goes Live- There has been a few times that I went live on my channel last year and you all seemed to enjoy it. I felt super chill and candid and I was able to chat with everyone in an effortless way which made it feel like I was just talking to my homies in my living room. I appreciated the vibe so much I will continue to go live and make it a common thing for my channel.

First Look Premiers- Whenever I have a new video to post I will announce it on my Twitter and Instagram accounts and set a premier up. This means while it debuts for the first time on Youtube I will be watching it with you and chatting it up in the premier chat. Make sure you turn my channel notifications on by hitting the bell icon under my video so you will also receive an email alert when this happens.

Crissy's Corner- I'm most excited about this one! This is an ask Crissy open letter set up where I am opening up the floor to you to send in questions or dilemma you may need insight or a different perspective on. By no means am I an expert at life but I've experienced a few things and would love to offer my personal experiences and opinions as a helpful resource for my Divadolls and Divadons. I am open to discuss love, single mom life, caregiving life, work, school, sex, queer, kinks, etc. Stay tuned with the announcement video on how to enter your question.

Crissy's Faves Shoutouts- This is something fun and easy I am excited to do just as a simple HEY BOO! I SEE YOU shoutout in my videos for a first commenter on my videos or top commenters. The support has been amazing on my channel and this is something I am going to do on my channel.

Storytime With Crissy- I am playing around with this idea as far as sharing some of my personal funny, embarrassing and insightful stories of my life. This will be a real, raw re-encounter of my past shared sole with the goal of connecting with you Divadolls & Divadons closer.

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