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Hey guys! My IG was disabled on my birthday 7/21 and I have no idea why!!! I am trying to get it reactivated but have a new backup page. Follow me here: http://www.instagram.com/crissythedoll_official I miss you Dolls!!

Y'all, I have been on a rollercoaster for 3 weeks about this situation. As you all know, I am an influencer and make money from my social network so you can imagine my frustration.

To make matters worst my BFF's Instagram was also disabled the same exact day and also without a reason. After doing hours of research we've found this is a very common issue and there's almost no way to fix it. We have filled in appeal forms and sent in photos and our IDs etc. We even was able to get a Facebook rep on the phone but all they could do was open a ticket that resulted in us being directed right back to the same appeals forms we did already.

So this is my attempt at coping with the situation by doing what I can.

Now I can't even lie, its been sort of like a social media detox that has been enjoyable besides the anxiety of maybe never getting my organic 77,000 account back, but hey....I gotta remain positive.

I just wanted to fill you Dolls in as I started to get emails and inquires on my business accounts. I'm not ignoring you, I did not block you and I miss you loads! Connect with me here on my new page.

Stay fabulous & Fierce,


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