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Trial and error are the best ways to develop the formula for what works and quickly to realize what does not.  Over the years blogging has served the foundation for creating my brand with a unique following.  Now I am able to guide others to do the same.  

Currently, I am available for an array of services if you are looking to improve your image, expand your following, or just become a little more polished with your current setup.  Advertise with me and get a return on investment that will improve your bottom line.

Advertise With Me

Having a brand ambassador is a great way to gain an exclusive relationship between your business and a targeted audience.  People trust what I endorse, because I only endorse what I feel works and things I like.   
As the online consumer grows, so should online advertising.  Youtube is one of the most effect ways to get your product or service in front of a new audience.  Using sight plus sound you have a great chance of converting loyal followers and potential clients 
Does your company align with my vision of beauty, fashion, or wellness for everyone of every size?  If so, this option would be a guarantee spot to share your information with my readers.  With a dedicated post you can direct traffic your way and my readers know they are getting valuable information that can benefit their lives. 
Everyone loves to win!  Are you dying to create a buzz and get your product or service in front of a targeted audience?  This is a great option to engage on social media and create an influx of new potential customers.  This option is highly effective and fun to create organic followers on social media
 One thing I LOVE TO DO is meet new people and connect on a personal level about all things beauty, fitness and fashion.  Speaking panels, event hosting, and presenting at classes are a few ways I am available to help bring awareness to your business and cause.
Have another awesome idea you'd like to partner with me about?  Just let me know...I am open to suggestions and look forward to working on projects to strengthen your brand.

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