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As the online consumer grows, so should your online presence.  Instagram advertising is one of the most effect ways to get your product or service in front of a new targeted audience.  Using video or high quality pictures, you have a great chance of the following:
  • Gaining new followers which can convert to potential clients
  • Organic engagement from the demographic you want
  • Increase exposure and social media following
  • Maximize sales

For a limited time only, purchase 3 or more shoutouts to save 15% off your total purchase.  Use code: BUNDLE during checkout.


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High resolution pictures or videos only will be accepted for posting.  All posts will be visible for 48 hours.  Crystal Chanel reserves the right to refuse any post that does not align with her brand. Once purchase is made, allow 24 hours for contact by email.  All posts must be scheduled within 7 days of purchase.  All sales are final and no refunds unless post is cancelled/refused.


*Results of followers or sales are not guaranteed


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