Why I love the greens

  • They actually taste good
  • The energy is amazing
  • Keeps my stomach flat by fighting bloating
  • Alkalize my body + restore my pH balance
  • Helps me lose weight + inches

What makes the greens amazing

  • Filled with 34 fruits and veggies
  • Packed with 52 herbs and superfoods
  • Detoxify your body with matcha green tea (mood booster too)
  • All natural + vegan
  • Mix it in anything!

Which flavor are you going to start with?

 Its easy to get your personalized wellness service started, click the shop now  button under the flavor you'd like to start with to set up your order!





How much do the greens cost

As my loyal customer you will get my wholesale price so you'll get 40% off any item.  There are no contracts or fees, the only commitment is to make any purchase for at least 3 consecutive months.  Thats it!  After that you will receive my discount for LIFE + receive perk point rebates on every single purchase. (Who doesn't love cash back?!)  One perk point = $1, how awesome!  You can also change what product you buy.  Just log into your personal store at anytime to update your order, payment type, or shipment date.